SU! is holding it’s first ever Book-A-Thon with a goal of getting 5,000 bookings TODAY ONLY! I would like to do my part, so I’m requesting you to email me if you are up for hosting a fun get- together with your friends. Please note that catalog parties also count as long as you pick a completed date. Even bookings during Sale-A-Bration count! Some of you like to do an annual party during that time so just let me know today!

*** If I hear from you today (with a suggested date or dates you are available), I will be mailing you a special thank you gift this week!!! ***

For those of you with home get-togethers, I will provide 3 projects for everyone to make for FREE! I will bring gift ideas for the holidays, and anything else you are interested in.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this message. I had planned to make phone calls today but my schedule did not allow it. I will be checking my mail at 9:00 p.m. o see what responses might be waiting for me.

Thank you!