So what is Project Life? It’s a super simple system to preserve your treasured memories: you just slip your photos and memorabilia into Photo Pocket Pages and add designed cards. 

Let me start by saying that there is no one correct way to use Project Life by Stampin’ Up!®. You will find a way that works best for YOU. I will share how I approach each page that I want to create. I prefer 12×12 Variety pages. 

Here’s what you need:

By clicking on this link, Project Life,  you will see what Stampin’ Up! has available.
  • Photos
  • An album
  • Pocket pages
  • Journaling pens
  • Card Collection

Here’s how to begin:

First, choose photos that you want to use on your first Project Life by Stampin’ Up!® page. A piece of advice here: select four photos that have the same layout: portrait or landscape. Currently Stampin’ Up!s photo pocket pages do not mix and match photo layouts – you have to either use all portrait or all landscape on your pocket page.

Second: Choose which photo pocket page you want to use. Hint: the 12×12 variety pack pages each have a number in the bottom left corner (01 – 06).

Third: Simply slide your four photos into the four photo pockets on your page. 

Four: Go through your Card Collection box and find four coordinating pocket cards and slide them into the remaining pockets to complete your page.

Five: Add journaling if you choose cards that have spots to record your memories.  

And that’s it! Your first page is done

I am in the process of creating a Project Life blog posts series, where I will share lots of ideas to enhance your pages and you can always come back and add more details at a later date.

But the important point here is to simply get started! I know that you are going to love your journey into Project Life by Stampin’ Up!® and to see how simple the system truly is – all you have to do is start!

Happy creating!