It’s hot, you’re sweaty and longing for some relief from the heat. Aren’t you? And while thinking about winter, you’re probably also dreaming of all those snowy nights of Christmas celebrations? Well well, you can’t actually change the season now, but the closest you can get to doing so is reduce the time left for Christmas and celebrate it now, in July.

An unofficial holiday, Christmas in July imitates the festivities of the actual Christmas and signifies our yearning for the coolness of winter amid the scorching summer months.

In addition, there are a few reasons why people celebrate Christmas in July. Which one fits you?

    • People want an excuse to celebrate
    • Some people start holiday shopping early
    • It’s winter somewhere

For me, it’s to start holiday thinking and maybe shopping.  Since I keep myself busy I really need to take the month of July and plan, plan, plan.

Lucky for me one of my favorite TV channels – Hallmark – helps me. I can sit in my craft room or family room watch Christmas movies and craft my heart away.

This month’s blog posts are all about Christmas projects (cards, gift tags, packaging, gift ideas) so stop back often.

Happy Stamping!