How would you like to get crafting supplies as gifts?   Well it’s possible and easy!

Dear Santa,

Stampin’ is something I really like to do, so I’m making a little list for you! Pick one, two or three sets for me, cuz I sure would love to find them under my tree. I’ve really been good this year and there’s nothing I’d love better than some new stampin’ gear! Just Contact my Demo (Roxie Nitti) to order from my list. I’m sure by now, Santa, you’re getting the gist!  The goodies will appear at your front door.  Simple for you, and for me, stampin’ galore!!-

Thanks Santa!

Just print this Santa Wish List, add your favorite items, email me( and give a copy to your family and friends.  Have your friends and family order through me and I will make sure that there are no duplicates.  I will be happy to gift wrap. Be sure to ask me about this service. I accept cash, check, or credit card

Happy Stamping!