Many of you have heard about and used the Stampin’ Up!’s Stampin’ Scrub® to clean ink from your stamp sets.  I never leave home without it.

Well, I am happy to announce that Stampin’ Up! is now introducing another option.  It’s called the Simply Shammy.

Simply Shammy is lightweight and portable, making it an obvious choice for crafting on the go and stamping events.

  • It doesn’t require a special cleaning solution, just water.
  • It doesn’t leave lint behind like baby wipes.
  • At 5″ x 7″, it fits neatly inside a stamp case so you can store it with your stamps, transport it to and from events, and leave it in the open case while stamping.
  • Unlike other shammy stamp cleaners, Simply Shammy is thick enough to remove ink from detailed stamps and narrow grooves.

Simply Shammy is simply easy to use: Just dampen the shammy with water, then wipe stamps on it. When it starts to dry out, flip it over or give it a little spritz of water to refresh it. When Simply Shammy dries out, it will shrivel up and becomes hard. But when you’re ready to start stamping again, just add water and it will be ready to go! Rinse it occasionally during stamping to remove excess ink (you might have to rinse it more often if you’re using pigment ink or stamping a lot at one time).

DON’T PANIC! Stamp cleaners pull ink from a stamp and hold onto it, so over time, the Simply Shammy will look dirty. But it’s completely usable, and the ink you see on the cleaner won’t transfer to other stamps. Don’t panic when the shammy starts to look dirty—that’s just a sign that it’s working.

WILL SIMPLY SHAMMY MAKE MY STAMPS LOOK LIKE NEW? Well, no. The only way you can keep your stamps pristine is if you never use them. Ink will stain stamps, no matter how meticulously you clean them. Your goal should be to keep stamps clean, not unstained. If you clean your stamps properly, you’ll never have a leftover shade of ink muddying another color and ruining your projects.

To order your Simply Shammy (147042) $8 and your Clear Mount Stamp Case (119105) $6 for 4,  please use Hostess Code RBYY6YAC and your order will come directly to you.

Order by clicking this link, email me ( and I can place the order for you, or give me a call (651-260-6884). I would be happy to help you!

Happy Stamping!